Castle with gourmet restaurant in Touraine, the winning duo for an unforgettable meal

A good meal can't be enjoyed in a setting that doesn't match the chef's talent. With the 15th-century, Château de Beauvois as a backdrop, just imagine the quality of the food on offer at this gourmet castle restaurant in Touraine.

Gastronomic restaurant in Indre et Loire, visit Château de Beauvois

The Touraine region is particularly popular with tourists, thanks to its architectural heritage, and boasts many fine restaurants. But very few offer a setting like that of Château de Beauvois. This castle and gourmet restaurant in Touraine is first and foremost a magnificent 15th-century building. Carefully restored by La Maison Younan, the décor and period furnishings are on a par with the finest castle in the nearby Loire Valley. Located 1 hr 10 min by TGV from Tours, our gastronomic restaurant 37 invites you to enjoy a cuisine inspired by the terroir. The chef's talents, know-how and knowledge of all the region's good suppliers enable him to offer a regularly renewed, seasonal menu, respectful of the broad outlines of French gastronomy while adding his personal, modern and inventive touch.

Restaurant de castle in Touraine, a cellar first and foremost

Those who know the region will be familiar with the peculiarity of troglodyte houses. Carved out of the rock, they offer a magnificent mineral decor, but also astonishing preservation capabilities. A number of caves have been dug into the rock, including Château de Beauvois, a magnificent castle with a gourmet restaurant in Touraine. Before or after your meal, you'll have the opportunity to visit, and taste, this cellar located some 20 meters below ground. It's an experience you'll want to savor once you're seated. If the menu at this gourmet restaurant in Touraine is worthy of the castle's 4-star status, its wine list is memorable. Touraine wines have pride of place here, as the restaurant is, after all, only 20 minutes from Tours. But the whole of France, from Burgundy to the Rhône, is represented, and all the spirits, from wine to Champagne to strong spirits. If you want to treat yourself to an exceptional moment, discover a great bottle or be served with a particularly well-crafted food/wine pairing, you've come to the right address.

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