A Chateau Hotel in the Loire Valley, to live like a king at the Château de Beauvois

The Château de Beauvois is the ideal reference in terms of chateau hotels in the Loire Valley. Between the ideal location and the prestige of the place, you can only live an exceptional moment.


A Chateau hotel in the Loire Valley, a royal choice with this 4 star luxury hotel


The Loire Valley has always been a place highly appreciated by the kings of France who built there, as well as their relatives, many castles. Today, it remains an extraordinary heritage, an exciting cultural wealth and the opportunity to live a wonderful stay. The Domaine de Beauvois, this Loire Valley hotel castle, is located 20 minutes from Tours, itself 1 hour by TGV from Paris. In the blink of an eye, you will come and get a change of scenery in this green region. You will especially make a jump in time, to discover the rich heritage with castles like Angers, Chenonceau, Chambord or Chaumont and Amboise. With your family to discover or as a couple for a romantic stay, Touraine is suitable for all occasions. You can travel by car or by bike, but always with your nose in the air, looking for the next castle, the next architectural curiosity, the next memorable site. And you'll often stay on the lookout because the region is so fascinating to discover. Your 4 star hotel castle in the Loire Valley is the promise of an exceptional stay.



Château de Beauvois: an outstanding Loire Valley castle hotel by La Maison Younan


One comes to Touraine for its castles, it would be a pity not to live there like a king during one's stay. This is what the 4 star Loire Valley hotel castle Domaine de Beauvois offers. With its tapestries, its period furniture, its 17th century decoration, one could almost expect to meet Louis XIII at the corner of a room. One could also believe him at the table of the gastronomic restaurant of the place, which bears his name and which carries high the French culinary knowledge. In addition to exceptional rooms and suites, this castle hotel in the Loire Valley offers a range of high quality services. One thinks of the outdoor swimming pool, a classic. One thinks of the spa, but all the 4 stars do it. One thinks of the troglodyte cellar, carved in the stone, and which hides 50,000 exceptional bottles to be tasted. One also thinks of the smoking room, the Riad, where one comes to taste in a very oriental atmosphere the top of the range cigars, the Septimo. These are services that are not found everywhere. No more hesitation about which Loire Valley castle hotel to choose for your next stay in Touraine near Saumur, it's the Château de Beauvois you're dreaming of!


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