Chateau restaurant near Tours, Louis XIII invites you to his table

The castle restaurant in Tours le Louis XIII at the Domaine de Beauvois is one of the most famous gastronomic tables in the region. It also offers an exceptional setting for your couple's meals, family reunions or business meetings.


A Chateau restaurant in Tours, gastronomy first

When you are looking for a castle restaurant near Tours in France, you are first and foremost looking for gastronomic cuisine, you are looking for the cuisine of Louis XIII. The terroir of the Loire Valley, the wines of Touraine, the reasons to sit at the table of a chef who knows his region like the back of his hand are numerous. And the chef of the Domaine de Beauvois, labelled Master Chef of France, gives him a certain status and the skills to pass on his know-how to his brigade. The result of this passion, of the quality of the choice of products, is your plate. The hotel restaurant in Tours of le Domaine de Beauvois of the Grande Maison Younan Collection  is a beautiful homage to French gastronomy , touches of modernity, a gastronomic cuisine which nevertheless gives itself the means to please the greatest number.

An Hotel restaurant in Tours, choose the elegance of the Castle of Beauvois

A gastronomic restaurant must have a setting that matches the height of its plate. This is more than the case at the Domaine de Beauvois in Indre et Loire in France. This restaurant in a chateau is less than 3 hours from Paris, installed in the reception room benefits from the aura of the place. This former 17th century hunting castle in the Loire Valley, adored by Louis XIII, has been magnificently restored. One finds there all the splendour of the great castles of Touraine. Troglodyte cellars, large marble fireplaces, crystal chandeliers, tapestries, period furniture, a guided tour could be organised there as the setting is so exceptional in its richness, art and respect for French traditions. It is in this setting that the gastronomic restaurant near Tours, the Restaurant Louis XIII welcomes you . Perhaps you will take the time for a drink on the terrace after your meal, a stroll along the footpaths that wind through the woods of the estate. So, to welcome professional partners for a meeting or seminar, to impress your friends for a wedding or a family reunion, or simply to treat yourself as a lover, the table of Louis XIII is the address between Tours and Saumur to discover absolutely.

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