A gastronomic restaurant in Tours and its surroundings for an exceptional meal

What a pleasure to choose a gastronomic restaurant in Tours and its surroundings when it is the Louis XIII, the restaurant of the Château de Beauvois. Discover this table full of passion.

A gastronomic restaurant in Touraine with the look of a castle hall

The Louis XIII is the gastronomic restaurant in Touraine of the Château de Beauvois. It is a castle of the Loire installed in a building of the XVth century. The latter has been entirely restored to make it a luxury hotel while preserving its historical character and its splendor through a refined and very elaborate period decoration. The hotel is a real castle and the restaurant is decorated in exactly the same way. You can have lunch or dinner in a royal blue and gold room, with a masterly fireplace lit in winter, or on the terrace in summer. Everything is refined and elegant. Whether you come for a romantic getaway or a professional meeting, for a seminar for example, the Louis XIII is this gastronomic restaurant in Tours and its surroundings that plunges you into the 15th century.

A regional menu for a gastronomic restaurant in the Loire Valley

A restaurant menu is both the menu and the wines. In this respect, the Louis XIII cellar is perfectly typical of the region. Indeed, this gastronomic restaurant near Tours and its surroundings has a troglodyte cellar, cut in the stone at a depth of nearly 20 meters. This is a particularity of the region that the Château de Beauvois exploits and that offers an exceptional setting to the wines of this gastronomic restaurant in the Loire Valley. As for the menu, it is oriented towards seasonality and the terroir. The Touraine region is rich in dishes and specialties that will tickle your taste buds. The chef regularly changes his menu according to the products and their availability. You will be carried away by a whirlwind of discoveries and flavors, all done with a real know-how, a touch of modernity and in the setting of an exceptional restaurant in the region.

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