Chateau with gourmet restaurant in France, the winning duo for an unforgettable meal

A good meal cannot be taken in a setting that is not up to the talent of the chef. With the 15th century the Château de Beauvois as a backdrop, imagine the quality of the plate that is offered in this gourmet restaurant in a castle in France.

Gastronomic restaurant in Indre et Loire, visit the Château de Beauvois

The region of Touraine, particularly touristic because of its architectural heritage, has many quality restaurants. But very few offer a setting like the Château de Beauvois. This castle and gastronomic restaurant in Touraine is above all a magnificent 15th century building. Carefully restored by the Grande Maison Younan Collection, the place has nothing to envy in terms of decoration and period furniture to the most beautiful castles of the nearby Loire Valley. Located 1 hour and 10 minutes by TGV from Tours, our gastronomic restaurant 37 invites you to enjoy a cuisine inspired by the land. The chef's talents, his know-how and his knowledge of all the good suppliers in the region allow him to offer a regularly renewed seasonal menu, respecting the main lines of French gastronomy while bringing his personal, modern and inventive touch.

Castle restaurant in France, a cellar above all

Those who know the region know the particularity of troglodyte houses. Carved into the stone, they offer a magnificent mineral decor, but also amazing conservation capacities. Some cellars have been dug there and the Château de Beauvois, this magnificent gourmet restaurant in a castle France is one of these establishments. You will have the opportunity before or after your meal to visit and taste in this cellar located 20 meters under the ground. An experience to live and that you will find once you are seated. If the menu of this gastronomic restaurant in France is worthy of the 4 stars of the castle, its wine list is memorable. The wines of Touraine have a place of choice, the establishment is after all 20 minutes from Tours. But all of France, from Burgundy to the Rhone, is present, as well as all the alcohols, from wine to Champagne and strong alcohols. If you want to treat yourself to an exceptional moment, discover a great bottle or be served with a particularly well-crafted food/wine pairing, you've just found the right address.

The restaurant of the Château de Beauvois is subject to all the sanitary measures in force in order to assure you to enjoy a meal of excellence in a perfectly secure environment.

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